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Universe expanding from the mind

Holotropic Breathwork® 12-Hour Workshop

Access altered states for deep self-healing and transformation

  • From 290 US dollars
  • Studio City


Holotropic Breathwork® 12-Hour Workshop is a transformative practice integrating deep, rapid breathing with evocative music and focused bodywork. Inspired by ancient spiritual systems and modern consciousness research, this technique was developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, aiming to facilitate self-exploration and healing. In Holotropic Breathwork® sessions, participants engage in controlled breathing to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. This unique state can unveil hidden aspects of the self, offering insights into buried memories and promoting emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. It's a journey toward achieving wholeness and wisdom, guided by the principle that we are our own best healers. Our workshop provides a safe, nurturing environment where you can explore and release emotional blockages, gain intuitive insights, and transcend old patterns that hinder your growth. Trained facilitators guide the process, ensuring a safe and supportive experience.

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  • Studio City

    11600 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA, USA


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